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Blame It on My Youth: Blink 182 Take the Punk Out of Pop-Punk on New Single

blink 182 return with new pop single Blame it on my youth

Blink 182 fans could blame the band’s new single on success and industry standards. It has often been said that bands and artists do not simply become successful. They want to be successful to begin with! And so, they adapt to fit the standards. They flood the market with suitable material. Organic growth in the world of mainstream rock and pop music is particularly rare. Even if the band in question is said to appeal to punk fans.

Blame it on my youth is Blink 182‘s new single. It announces a modern direction for the band, one that has been embraced by many of the group’s contemporaries. It attempts to level the group’s sound to the standards of pop music. As the Californian band is still a stadium filling group, the move makes sense from a commercial standpoint.

blink 182 Blame It On My Youth single

What sounds does Blame it on my youth feature ?

The new single sounds expensive, in the way that a glossy pop single would. The vocals, guitars and bass are kept in line, gridded to perfection. Fans should count themselves lucky, in fact, that Travis Barker’s drums, feature the musician’s unmistakable fills, albeit fed through a host of effects.

Mark Hoppus’ vocals are a welcome, familiar sound. But, by the chorus’ beginning, they largely become indistinct mashed with a chorus of voices chanting “blame, blame it on my youth” like a group of cheerleaders at a high-school reunion.

What sounds does Blame it on my youth not feature ?

There is little denying Blink 182’s collective ear for a hook, lyrical or musical. The group, a representative of the pop-punk genre, has enjoyed numerous successful singles.

But, while their earliest, and most famous songs, feature distorted guitars, fast paced rhythms and humorous word play, older fans are likely to be disappointed here.

Instead the band and their production team, craft a stadium sized pop song. The term “Pop-punk” has always been a contentious issue with many alternative rock listeners. But, on Blame it on my youth, Blink 182 do little to save appearances.

If you own a Spotify, Tidal, Itunes, any other streaming service account, this new single will pop out on your Rock playlists. But, its one connection to rock is the band’s name and its history. And Blink 182’s only connection to its history, is its name and worldwide branding.

A good pop song that live punk fans out in the cold

As far as pop songs go, this is not a bad one. It plays to many of the band’s strengths. It’s lyrics are melancholy driven, as has been much of Blink 182’s recent output. It is melodic and catchy, as many of Blink 182’s songs are. It is tailored made for stadium concerts, the ones the California group still play.

But, perhaps the introductions should now be changed. “Blink 182, California punk band”, the standard intro that accompanies any article written about them is simply untrue in the present day.

With, or without Tom DeLonge, the band is maintaining a sharp look on their objective, remaining successful. Bands like Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park have proven that switching allegiance to pop can prove a successful manouvre. More still, some bands and artists have been responsible for creative wonders in the realm of pop music.

But, as one Paul Westerberg oncesaid: “Aim for the audience’s pockets and you’ll miss their hearts by a mile.”

Rating: 4/10

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