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Bloody Bananas and Money & the Man

Bloody Bananas and Money & the Man

Bloody Bananas – Aged Yourself Out

Similar artists: The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr, Julian Casablancas, The Killers

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

There are people who spend much of their time trying to decipher what musician stole what part from whom. The lawyers must surely love them. But it’s a useless task. All songs are other songs. That’s the deal. It’s just like all great stories; it is someone else’s story first. Getting somebody to care about it is merely based on how well you manage to spin the yarn. That’s the deal. 

The incoming storm of terrible AI-generated music will prove this. Of course, the algorithms trusted with doing the job can’t actually be creative or produce original material. It merely spins around and rearranges already existing songs. But are they any good? No. Because nobody’s bothered to bring their unique set of experiences to an already existing format. That was the deal. 

The deal about Bloody Bananas’ “Aged Yourself Out” is that it’s a great song filled with melancholy about a time that the singer is unlikely to have lived through. Just like its clear reference point, Julian Casablancas and The Strokes, Bloody Bananas feels a sense of loss when considering the cool 1980s U.S.A. The only thing to do is recreate what pop-radio hits of the era might’ve sounded like if made now and add the author’s personal twist to them as well.  

Money & the Man – She’s So Lovely

Genre: Stoner Rock, Alternative Rock

A lot of people practice meditation, positive affirmations, or down half a litre of coffee down their throats just to wake up. All of these things work … for a while. But it’s unsustainable energy. And it points toward a larger problem. For most of us, life is simply just not that exciting, or, at worst, it’s downright uncomfortable. Getting out of a warm bed in order to face it simply doesn’t seem like the best option. 

What they’re missing is somebody playing a dynamic rock n’ roll soundtrack behind them. Those are played in every movie whenever someone has decided to take charge of their life, whenever they’ve fallen madly in love, or whenever they are about to win some terrific trophy for their achievements. Since you probably don’t have the bread to employ mariachi rockers to flank your every move, maybe the system can be hacked somehow. 

Consider playing Money & the Man’s “She’s So Lovely” as you struggle to face your daily chores. There’s no guarantee that this will make life easier. What it will certainly help to do is make you feel as if you’re part of a movie, stepping out into the wild, getting your own. And, once you’re done, try on switching the Pop Hit Playlist of the day. If you feel a sense of longing and disappointment, know that you got it right with Money & the Man the first time around. 

Bloody Bananas - Aged Yourself Out


Money & the Man - She’s So Lovely




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