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Way down: Blume and Langkamer

Blume and Langkamer

Langkamer – Sleepers Two

Similar artists: The Bug Club, Bull, the GOLDEN DREGS, Twin Peaks, Big Thief

Genre: Folk rock, Alt Country, Indie Rock

Everyone needs sad music sometimes. Everyone needs the comfort of a good cry. Despite all of this, even the most famous emo bands and artists have struggled to sustain a long-lasting career. 

That makes sense. Nobody can tolerate sadness for too long unless there’s some kind of humour to balance things. Even in the worse of situations, the most hopeless of outcomes deserve it. In other words, even crying requires a few smiles; otherwise, the tears are wasted. 

Langkamer’s “Sleepers Two” is the work of a group that has a tremendous talent for finding the humour in tragedy and disaster in victory. We’ve reviewed the group before, and they’re one of the best new groups that Alt77 has featured. The charm of their music doesn’t merely lie in the melodies, the simple chords, or the rich vocals. They all combine to create a gorgeous, desperate, but funny resonance, a soundtrack to a hilarious disaster.  

Blume – All Out Of…

Similar artists: NEU!, CAN, Cluster, Spacemen 3

Genre: Shoegaze, Psychedelic Rock

Kosmiche Music (also known as Krautrock bands) is cited as an influence by modern groups all the time. This is not only an attempt from novice groups to sound cool. You can hear it in practically all types of modern psychedelic and trance EDM music. 

What the German groups did was to eliminate the blues, or the classical tendencies out of their psych-music. Lengthy guitar solos didn’t quite express the reality in which the musicians found themselves. 

Blume’s “All Out Of…” is a highly contemporary kind of psychedelic sound. It perfectly reflects the repetitive nature of our everyday life and the myriad of ways in which we find ourselves getting accustomed to it. 

Blume’s “All Out Of…” feels like a soundtrack to a long trip spent driving on straight highways. There’s a music and a rhythm to the tarmac and the signs flashing by. Blume has captured it here. 

Langkamer - Sleepers Two


Blume - All Out Of…




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