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Bobby Wallisch Jr. & Acid.Prof and Cronkite Reviewed

Bobby Wallisch Jr. & Acid.Prof and Cronkite Reviewed

Bobby Wallisch Jr. & Acid.Prof – It’s Always Autumn

Good stories are usually told at a leisurely pace. That’s precisely the reason why modern television has all the characters mumbling as fast they can, speaking over each other and giving the impression that something dramatic is going on, when, it fact, the characters are only chopping onions in a kitchen. But, enough of my review of “The Bear.” 

If you tell a good story slowly enough, you’ll be able to ask practically anything of the person to whom you’re telling the tale. You may ask for their support for their contact details, and won’t even have to bother asking if they mind you spinning the yarn a little more thinly for a little while longer. As Sheherezada did, a good story can just blend into another good story. This is how you become an elite folk singer or scriptwriter for the Young and Restless. 

The moment that the harmonica is blown during Bobby Wallisch Jr. & Acid.Prof’s “It’s Always Autumn,” you should know that you’re in for a stroll, not a jog, not a sprint. But that’s precisely what a tune about the sweet melancholy of love needs. Even Neil Young, a man whose doorbell sound is a prolonged string bend, pulls out the acoustic guitar for these kinds of tunes. Melancholy and love go together like autumn and gentle strolls. 

Cronkite – Kickstand

There are a few things that songwriters always like to say. It’s unclear whether they say this out of conviction or just out of a sense of duty. There’s that one quote about only dating people who’ll break their hearts so that they can then write better songs. There’s the one about inspiration being everywhere, about writing from the heart, and about really liking that Bob Dylan album. You know the one! 

But, by far, the cliche that modern songwriters like to mention the most often is the one about being storytellers, part of an ancient cast. Their role hasn’t changed since the days of the cavemen. Well, I’ve been listening to my radio and Spotify playlists, and I fail to hear stories about just any of them. Sure, if the story is about being in love, owning cars, or being out of love, I guess. But don’t go pitching that to Hollywood studios just yet. 

There’s a story to Cronkite’s “Kickstand,” and it won’t make a lick of difference whether it’s factual or not. It’s a tale of love and loss, as far as we know. And when the singer rhymes “man” and “can” with “kickstand made in Japan,” you can picture it almost. And it’s also the fact that Cronkite sound like they know their way around a great tune. It’s greatly orchestrated, the vocals are precise and, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear they’ve heard that Dylan album, too. You know the one!

Bobby Wallisch Jr. & Acid.Prof - It's Always Autumn


Cronkite - Kickstand




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