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bone blanket – Lost in Candyland

bone blanket - Lost in Candyland

bone blanket has cobbled together a murky sound from the likes of Townes Van Zandt and Kurt Vile. It’a tall order claiming someone like Van Zandt as your hero. I know!

First of all, you have to write near-perfect songs. It’s a challenge to whichJeff Pupa has risen. Secondly, given Townes’ trouble-filled life, it’s certainly a weight few could carry. Again, Puppa seems ready to walk in these footsteps.

There’s little denying the lyrical visions or the world-worn vocals on “Lost in Candyland“. But, if you fear that bone blanket is a boring sad-fest, I’m here to tell you that unlike a lot of modern folk it is not. Puppa knows how to craft a song and make the best of his studio recording environment.

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