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The searchers: Breather and Walter Longscott reviewed

Breather and Walter Longscott reviewed

Walter Longscott – Writing On the Wall

They say that one of Dire Straits’ first famous fans was none other than Bob Dylan, who was a figure revered throughout the music world at the tail-end of the 1970s as he is now. The Bard knew he’d heard something special right away, went out to see the band live, and asked his management to arrange that Mark Knopfler be asked to join the band that would go on to record Slow Train Coming

Now, that is a rather amazing story if you think about this. Certainly, Dire Straits’ debut album is seen as a bonafide classic nowadays, but Dylan was not a man dealing with a shortage of potential collaborators. Instead, he recognized both truth and power in Knopfler’s playing and understood that it could help enhance his own set of songs. 

The point of the matter is that, fortunately, there will always be talented guitar player playing their trade. Many of them play similar licks and riffs, but only a few of them brush alongside the truth. The Belgium singer-songwriter Walter Longscott is one of the ones that distinguish himself by drinking from that well repeatedly. Writing on the wall is another proof of his abilities, both in terms of subtle songwriting and tasteful guitar-playing. 

Breather – America

In many ways, the alternative rock of the 1990s was a reflection of the punk of the 1970s. But, whereas John Lydon sang that there was “No future!” and fans sang along with him, while hoping he was wrong, the generation wearing flannel shirts sang something similar with complete confidence. 

At best, alternative rock songs had the quality to the rock n’ roll cliches and reassembled them in an innovative way that gave a fresh perspective on not just the music world but society as a whole. 

This is the trick that Breather’s America pulls off so nicely. The intro to the tune, complete with pristine vocals, is reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel’s tunes of innocence. The dynamics of the song, however, reflect the turmoil with which the U.S. deals at present and the way in which the rest of us invariably look upon that fabled land as a place of hope, even our disappointments are munting up. Very good alternative-rock tune from the Swedish group. 

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