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Once upon an autumn season: Brett Newski and Josh Fudge review

Brett Newski and Josh Fudge review

Josh Fudge – Feel Like

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Indietronica, Dream Pop

Josh Fudge makes low-key psychedelic music for a new age of sensorial distortion, one in which the whole world is involved. 

There will come a day soon enough where your average housewife, straight B student, or lawyer will enter a supermarket for a bottle of water, will get asked if they want to sign their name up for a new promotion, and will run out of the store screaming. 

And, why wouldn’t they? The psychedelic 60s promised would-be believers a future where their minds would only need to contemplate a dream world. The present has offered us just that. Only not as sexy. With so little social interaction for the majority of us, can we be surprised that nothing feels real anymore? 

Josh Fudge’s Feel Like is music made for just such a time. It’s soulful pop music made on a computer and sprinkled with enough psychedelia to offer the perfect soundtrack to a custom-designed sort of life. This life can be spent in a self-made world with music that feels like it is being beamed down from a different world. Josh Fudge might just be the VR age’s Syd Barrett.

Brett Newski -Seek Asylum from Myself

Genre: Alternative Rock

Brett Newski writes the confident songs about not having confidence, the pop hits for the alternative crowd. 

The best pop songs are the ones that get people confused about what they should feel. They’re excellent for a number of reasons. First of all, the public’s unpredictable reaction is always a treat. Can they believe they used to protest Marilyn Manson and Eminem’s music out in the streets?

Secondly, it’s an excuse for the people “in the know” to chuckle at other folk’s supposed naivety. Didn’t you know that Hotel California is about Satanists? Yellow Submarine and Stairway to heaven are clearly about drugs, eh? And, did you ever hear the one about Phil Collins watching a man watching another man drown? Pumped up kicks is about school shootings, I hear. 

Brett Newski makes those kinds of songs. Seek Asylum from Myself sounds as big as Pumped up kicks, ready to be endorsed by the same radio stations that made that song a hit. Just like it, the large, effervescent song is really a trick. Brett Newski isn’t confident at all, as the music might suggest. This is an autumnal song about inner struggles, but the guitars won’t give it away. 

Josh Fudge - Feel Like


Brett Newski and Josh Fudge review




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