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Soft fall: Broken Baby and Hand Drawn Maps reviewed

Broken Baby and Hand Drawn Maps reviewed

Hand Drawn Maps – Everybody Knows

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Growlers, Death Cab for Cutie, Surfer Blood, Whitney, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

It takes a lot of bravery to even attempt to get up and decide you are going to entertain people, or to try and reveal some kind of important life secret to them. The majority of great musicians do not have this in the beginning and it takes time to find it. 

It’s even braver when the art you are about to offer people as a new group revolves around feelings of melancholy, sadness, and uncertainty. The task of revealing this to people who are, at first uncaring of your work and experiences, seems monumental. 

However, if you manage to get over that hump and actually connect with faces, your work has a realistic chance of standing the test of time. Hand Drawn Maps take this risk on Everybody Knows, only their second single. Because Hand Drawn Maps have had the guts to dive into the deep end, they may end up swimming away without even so much as a single scratch. 

Broken Baby – Hand Heat

Genre: Pop Punk, 90s Rock

People like to complain about modern audiences being dumb, but that’s not true. If anything fans of modern entertainment are more sophisticated than ever before. And, when it comes to their entertainment they have expectations and are quick to complain. 

Ask anyone watching a romantic comedy if they can guess where the plot of the movie is heading to next, and they’ll likely know. They’ve seen these kinds of stories a million times. Ask any listener of rock music to anticipate where the chorus kicks in and they’ll probably answer correctly. 

Just like everyone’s heard the phrase “I love you!” being uttered one time or another, perhaps, not necessarily, to them, similarly everyone knows what a great rock chorus sounds like. Just like the famous phrase, it’s all a matter of how you frame things and how you get to the conclusion. Broken Baby’s Hand Heat finds its way beautifully and entirely comfortably. This one should be stun-gun of a tune when performed live. 

Hand Drawn Maps - Everybody Knows


Broken Baby - Hand Heat




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