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Always upward: Broken Vanity and American Standard

Broken Vanity and American Standard

Broken Vanity – Commercials 

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

You’d be surprised to learn that Elvis Presley didn’t actually get his career start by modeling expensive watches, that The Beatles had no endorsement deals at that time, that they flew to India for a long session on relaxation or wellness, or that Bob Dylan didn’t actually have a stake in a motorbike company. Then, what were they doing it all for? All that work without the prospect of company endorsements seems completely alien in our day and age. 

In fact, it wasn’t until those rebellious, anti-establishment musicians, The Rolling Stones, opted to get sponsored by a French perfume for a tour that the wheels really started spinning. You could make money from sponsorship deals and not have everyone in the world question your authenticity. Most pop and rock artists gobbled up those deals. Soon, their new music was merely an excuse to cut a deal with some soft drink company that helps spread diabetes or some big-tech company that lays off thousands of people a month. 

A lot of people have forgotten about these sorts of things, but not everyone is asleep. Broken Vanity’s Commercials is a tune that mocks the 99% of artists that would happily sell the rights to their work for a sock advertisement. In the words of John Lydon, indeed, all crimes are paid. Broken Vanity’s brand of alt-rock and indie could be accused of being a shout about sour grapes, but have a listen and decide yourselves. Some folks still believe in rock music as an art form, and they’re the ones that have it the toughest. 

American Standard – Punk Rocker

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Genre: Skate Punk, Punk

There’s a thin line between cynicism and earnest appraisal. Most critics cross that line very often. How much of the venom of their words have to do with a truthful opinion, and how much would they wish to be in the place of those they are speaking or writing about? 

While that’s a fair point, there’s something to be said about elitism. It comes from true blue romantics, from vigilant audience members who are trying to recognize scams because they know that a lot of them have to eventually come to the surface.

Punk rockers are particularly easy to upset with things like this. How could they not? Many of them have spent their lives investing into a philosophy that sets them a clear parallel trajectory with most things that help them become successful in our society. 

American Standard’s Punk Rocker is a great singalong number about the cynicism involved in selling would-be rebellion to impressionable kids. There are hooks to spare and a good deal of humor, but American Standard are on to something. One man’s revolution can easily become another’s fashion trend. 

Broken Vanity - Commercials 


American Standard - Punk Rocker




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