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Hop off: Bulgarian Cartrader and Glass Spells | Alternative music reviews

Bulgarian Cartrader and Glass Spells

Glass Spells – No One to Trust

Genre: Synthpop

Anyone forced to work with a metronome has never been the same way again. How could they? The relentless pace of the beat forces them to change their actions. And ultimately, it forces them to change their minds. 

The static pulse of the metronome can be found in numerous activities. Many athletes use similar methods. Working on an assembly line uses the same principles. The typical schedule of a working person follows a similar route. 

But there’s also some kind of warmth captured in these kinds of strict laws. There’s even romance to it. It’s something that synth-driven music, with its precise programmed drums sound, understands all too well. 

Glass Spells’ No One to Trust is a love song from a future in which metronomes are part of everyone’s lives. It’s not a very distant future, of course. It’s a stiff yet caring sound. This is slow-dance music for well-organized people and for computers. 

Bulgarian Cartrader – embrace

Genre: Indie Electronic, Alt Pop

Being born in a slightly disadvantaged country, in a land far away from what constitutes pop culture for the Western world, is both a blessing and a curse. At the very least, it makes for good prose. 

The most obvious asset of such an upbringing is that almost all things belonging to the culture of affluent countries feel wholly magical. A record is not just a record, it’s a treasure. A video can feel like communication from another planet. 

The disadvantage is that life happens elsewhere. Moving away, changing your skin, and following your passion is almost a decree, nearly a sentence. The initial connection, however, can never be fully severed. 

Bulgarian Cartrader’s embrace recalls the performer’s destined to move to the shiny, hopeful West and all the beauty and tragedy surrounding it. The spoken-word part lays weight on the claim that being born in Eastern Europe isn’t exotic but a constant issue. Thankfully, it’s these sorts of things that will often give writers the inspiration that they need. 

Glass Spells - No One to Trust


Bulgarian Cartrader - embrace




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