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Down in the valley: Butch Wifey and Bluhm | Alternative music review

Butch Wifey and Bluhm

Bluhm – Ranger

Genre: Country, Americana, Alt Country

Similar artists:  Silver Jews, Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett

Humor in the world of modern music has really ruined the myth of the rockstar. Where some genres are concerned, especially, it’s hard to tell what’s real anymore. I mean, sure, you might have rightly thought that somebody was having a laugh by putting out Nightwish. But, with so many comedy-rock songs out there, it’s hard to know who really means it or not. 

Rock stars don’t have to sound intelligent as they share their message. No way! Who wants to write their degree on the meaning behind the lyrics of Jim Morrisson or Chris Martin? We just need to assume that they believe what they’re saying, however ridiculous it sounds. 

Bluhm’s Ranger is a 2022 alt-country song that could be telling the truth but is likely not. Would that matter to you? Not when it sounds this convincing. This may be the sound that will accompany a gritty Western about a man who shot his lover down. This could be the sound of a comedy about a man who shot himself in the foot while acting in a Western. Either way, it will work. 

Butch Wifey – Teenage Secrets

Similar artists: Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, Clairo, Sir Chloe

Genre: Shoegaze, Indie Pop, Alt Pop

In many ways, pop-rock music is indeed aimed at young folk and best appreciated by them. But I doubt that this is something to do exclusively with age, silkier skin, or greater energy. 

Most people’s teenage years are simple. Few see any reasons to make their lives more complicated. Similarly, pop-rock music is, generally easily played and put together. When these elements coalesce, there is no reason to add extra layers of complexity. 

This is not something that maturity seems to encourage. Grown-up musicians are obsessed with proving to the world that they can play. Because of their obsession, they cannot capture their innocence, so they obsess over intelligence instead. 

Butch Wifey’s Teenage Secrets, as the name suggests, is a pure and naive ode to youthful love and loss. It’s a song meant to sound like a direct, unmeasured confession. And it is with this honesty that the song hopes to win you over. 

Bluhm - Ranger


Butch Wifey - Teenage Secrets




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