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Gutter swamp: Caged Wolves and The Trash Crawlers

Caged Wolves and The Trash Crawlers

The Trash Crawlers – Red Leather

Genre: Punk, Surf Rock, Garage Rock

Similar artists: Amyl and the Sniffers, Ty Segall, Surfbort, The Chats, Fidlar, Bikini Kill

People constantly complain about the type of entertainment with which they are involved. Usually, it’s a matter of the “good ol’ days” having passed. Sometimes it’s a matter of not enough money being involved, or interest having shifted somewhere else. 

Well, we’re lucky enough that in almost any niche of entertainment, punk-rock included, there’s a healthy enough number of fans that it’s almost impossible someone will not, sooner or later, produce something fresh, reinventing the old model. 

A handful of groups like Amyl and the Sniffers have brought punk-rock back to some of the dirty, ugly, demented origins of punk-rock and really got the ball rolling. A possible serious candidate for supremacy in this revived style of scuzz-rock is the group The Trash Crawlers. Red Leather is not so much a song, as a post on a fringe message board that acts as the lyric and engine for this nasty, passionate rock tune. 

Find The Trash Crawlers on Instagram and Facebook.

Caged Wolves – Cosmic Rage

Genre: Stoner Rock

People go nuts for meditation techniques created thousands of years ago. Folks across the world unearth them, experiment with them, then sell to others for huge chunks of money. Meditation is healthy, after all, and people have made money off health and disease since the age of time. 

If things go as they have so far, there will come a time, perhaps, not long in the future when someone will write a bestseller about the meditative potential of doom, and stoner music. In fact, I might write that myself. Hold on for that!

Now, in the meantime, Caged Wolves are demonstrating that potential in sonic form. Cosmic Rage is a prime example of where the mind can go wandering on the strength of demon-slaying fuzz-riffs and a mind puffing green smoke like a psychedelic chimney. You may question these methods for life improvement at first, but give them a try and see if this doesn’t put a silly smirk on your face at the very least. 

Find Caged Wolves on Facebook and Instagram.

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