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Carlos Gayotto and The Dirty Nil Reviewed

Carlos Gayotto and The Dirty Nil Reviewed

Carlos Gayotto – What We Are

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock

There’s only so much you’re ever going to learn from hearing other people speak or, for that matter, from listening to yourself speak. Some of the greatest lessons that life has to after have to be chased down in a world where nobody can raise their voice above nature. Carlos Gayotto is seeking these words out there. 

With massive urbanization having reached its pinnacle (we hope), it’s become commonplace for people to want to stray from their cities for as long and often as they can. It’s particularly the restless dreamers who instinctively feel that there’s something false, uneven, and destructive about life being shared in the confines of the city streets. 

Carlos Gayotto’s “What We Are” is an imaginative, pop-leaning psych composition that rings out like an anthem to nature and to all of its mysteries. There aren’t many answers here, but as the other great bard once said, “Questions are the answers you might need.” “What We Are” is music meant to get you going and encourage you not to stop searching. 

The Dirty Nil – The Light, The Void and Everything

Genre: Alternative Rock

Even the people who lead quiet, predictable lives need a bit of drama. They need it in order to make sense of their lives and to survive. The Dirty Nil are looking to use their emotional modern alt-rock to shine a light on the tension of everyday life and the mysteries that lie beyond it. 

It didn’t always use to be this way. The romans used to ask their gods for hardships. Only in this way could they feel they’ve been made worthy. European romantic poets dug into their suffering as if drinking the sweetest wine. And, if rock music is supposed to do anything, it must shine a light on the beauty and tragedy of regular living. 

The Dirty Nil take everything very seriously, as the title “The Light, The Void and Everything” proves. But we may all be better off for it. Who wants to hear songs about crooked politicians or about having to wash dishes? Life is an incredible feast of joys and sorrows, and it needs an appropriate soundtrack. Yes, the Canadians may still need to push their melodies and arrangements into more unpredictable territory, but there is a desire to express something profound either way. 

Carlos Gayotto - What We Are


The Dirty Nil - The Light, The Void and Everything




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