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Tik Tok hit parade: The Parade and BEACH WEATHER

BEACH WEATHER – Unlovable (feat. Pale Waves) Similar artists: Pale Waves Genre: Alternative Rock Most of the legendary music artists are honored for having foreseen trends. They’re now treated as visionaries. Their gift was looking into the future and…
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New goth: Forest Circles and ultrasaturated

ultrasaturated – Horsegait Similar artists: Lebanon Hanover, DIIV, Joy Division, CD Ghost, The KVB Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic, Dark Wave, Dream Pop Goth music, and everything that falls under this umbrella, has never been more beloved, yet there’s never been…
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Drifting away: Black Hat and Justin Sconza

Justin Sconza – No Real Place to Go Genre: Indie Folk The industry of motivational speakers will have you believe that the world is divided into winners and losers. And clearly, because nobody likes being a loser, people need to listen to the advice of these…
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Old pop tricks: Stephen Chopek and Cereus Bright

Cereus Bright – Seven Wonders Similar artists: Oliver Hazard, Sam Burchfield, Animal Years, Westward the Tide Genre: Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Alt Pop With decades of data having been collected, we can now make clear calls on how music is likely going to be…
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One day at a time: Rebuilder and To Yo

To Yo – Soaring Similar artists: Kikagaku Moyo, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Orions Belte, Goat, Wooden Shjips Genre: Psychedelic Rock Apart from GeoGuessr, music is the best and most affordable way to travel without leaving your room or having to wipe the…