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A dreamworld far away: Secret Shame and Sylmar reviewed

Sylmar – Enniskillen Family Genre: Psychedelic / Freak Folk, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock Some of the best kinds of protest songs are the ones that disguise their message either so that people are able to adopt it without really knowing that they did, or so that…
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Cold dreams: Entertainment and June LaLonde reviewed

June LaLonde – Empty The Chair Genre: Post Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock Big record labels used to reserve budgets of millions of dollars for the recording of albums by their top artists. This wasn’t even something up for debate. The process of making…
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Big time retro: T Truman and Catnyp reviewed

Catnyp – Big Sky Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock David Bowie lived his life like an A&R man would, constantly keeping his ear to the ground, always aware of what was around the corner in terms of modern music. He was among the first to…
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Far away, every day: almost sex and JRK reviewed

JRK – Version 6 Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock Similar artists: Flaming Lips, Yes, MGMT, ELO There’s a thin line between folks in starched white starched shirts diligently discussing their favourite sci-fi television shows, and similar-minded folks…
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Around the sun: JonoJono and The Deltaz reviewed

The Deltaz – Turn It Back Americana, Classic Rock, Garage Rock Old folks than to school youngsters on the fact that there’s nothing really new under the Sun. Someone else has dreamed it, heard it, or said it before you. This can be a traumatic realization…