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Sure fire devices: SLMCT and Small State review

Small State – Call It Karma Genre: Punk, Pop Punk Similar artists: No Use For a Name, Blinke 182, Green Day, Lagwagon, Face To Face German pop-punks Small State seek out fun and wisdom on the new single Call It Karma. It’s hard to kill off rock music…
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Fresh blood: Sniff and CjayQ review

CjayQ – Misguided Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock CjayQ borrows some great, old tricks, and adds his personal twist to them on the new single Misguided. There’s no point in starting a debate over whether music used to be better than…
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Too tough to cry: The Brouhaha and Nerd Neck review

Nerd Neck – Driver Genre: Noise Rock, Hard Rock, Garage Rock Similar artists: Nirvana, Lady Pills, Jack White, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney Nerd Neck make punk-rock that sounds like waking up from a fever dream on their single Driver. Folks like Charlie Chaplin…