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Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked: Hammer of the Gods

Led Zeppelin is one of the most important, and most often copied bands in the history of rock music. This has done a lot to fill the cophers of the four British musicians. But, it has also affected their reputation. These are Led Zeppelin’s albums ranked according…
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The Story of Soundgarden and 4th of July

Soundgarden was already one of the most respected bands in the Seattle area by the early 1990s. It was their album, Superunknown, that transformed them into a platinum-selling band. Singles like Black hole sun and Spoonman ay have been hits. However, deeper album cuts…
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The story of Oasis' Live Forever

Oasis managed to do with Live Forever in the U.K. what Nirvana’s Smells like teen spirit had done for Nirvana earlier in the decade. It changed the musical landscape overnight. And, they only needed some angsty lyrics and a couple of burrowed guitar riffs to it too.
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The Story of Pulp's Common People

Pulp’s “Common People,” an unlikely Brit-Pop anthem delivered from an unlikely source, became the defining single of their album “Different Class.” The Jarvis Cocker-fronted band had released several critically acclaimed records. Yet, it…
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5 Best Guitars for Indie Rock

Every generation has its guitar heroes and famous instruments that they make use of. To some, Rickenbacker guitars defined the psychedelic 1960s. For others, the Gibson Les Paul symbolized the arena-sized rock of the 1970s. What about the modern sound of indie rock? Here are…
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Peter Gabriel’s Four Self-Titled Albums

Peter Gabriel’s madcap music vision made him a hero among prog-rock fans during the 1970s. Later, in the 1980s, he became a mainstream pop star. Even later, he was revered as an elder spokesman of intelligent pop music. Yet, there is a period in Peter…
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Hawkwind: Psych-rock pioneers or acid victims?

Hawkwind, depending on who it is you ask, and where exactly they first encountered the group, are either responsible for creating one of the first robust underground scenes in rock, or were a bunch of misguided acid victims. To some, they were salt-of-the-earth musicians…