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Destruction waltz: C.C. Potato and Collapsing Scenery reviewed

CC Potato and Collapsing Scenery reviewed

Collapsing Scenery – Bush Mama Blues (Remix by Money Mark)

During the very early 90s, the only folks still drawing on the Beatles were the kind that wore turtle kneck sweaters and played sensitive ballads on an acoustic guitar. Then, Oasis came around and turned their two obsessions, the Beatles and their love of fame, into a lucrative, stadium-filling musical career. 

Similarly, not long ago, most of the musicians still showing an interest in glitzy electronic music were creating these soundscapes for small audiences, displaying expert knowledge of the subject. Indie-rock groups like Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys were clever in recognizing the potential to integrate these sounds into their three-chord guitar songs and start filling them old stadiums once again.

Collapsing Scenery, a brand new band from the U.S., knows just where they’re heading and what kind of styles will serve them in their own bid for world domination. Bush Mama Blues is an angsty yet danceable modern rock number made even more appropriate for large gatherings by the remix courtesy of Money Mark. 

We may not be able to congregate for large festivals at the time, but when we are, Collapsing Scenery will hope to have built sufficient recognition to climb the biggest stages with confidence. 

C.C. Potato – All Or Nothing

Whether or not you appreciate punk music, you may still find something inspiring about stories of people deciding to put their life on the line to serve this extreme musical style. After all, punk is the sort of music that doesn’t offer days off or moments of respite. You can’t really fake it while sleepily playing through your back catalogue, either. Fans of this style always expect loyalty. 

Not when you play it as intensely as C.C. Potato, a professional-sounding unit that sounds very enthusiastic about their work. They write about their life struggles, mixing seriousness and humour. Above it all, they seem committed. 

Like someone getting themselves a face tattoo, opting for a career in punk rock takes recklessness and a good deal of belief in the scene’s potential for redemption. All Or Nothing may be light on the hooks, but what it may lack in terms of melodic finesse, it certainly makes up in earnest affection for hearing power-chords cranked all the way up. 

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