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The gist from the East: Celelalte Cuvinte and Anomalii

Celelalte Cuvinte and Anomalii

Anomalii – Breaking Away

Genre: Punk-rock, Hard-rock

Being in a punk-rock band is a lot like performing a stunt on a tightrope over a dangerous cliff. You’re either in, or you’re out. You’re either confident of your chances for survival, or you’re bound to fail. And either you’re propelled by something deep inside that moves you toward your goal, or you’ve not been picking your hobbies too carefully. 

Regardless of what you may have heard, punk music does require musical ability. Talent may be a prerequisite but not the sole nor the principal condition. The majority of the best songs belonging to this music genre are written by people driven to the proverbial brink. These individuals must keep their wits about them and document their experiences even under extreme pressure. 

Breaking Away is the latest single from the long-running punk-rock band, Anomalii. While the group has made a name for itself in the Romanian underground, Breaking Away proves that they have the ability to inject their sound with enough tasty hooks and catchy riffs to make them a proposition for more commercially-minded listeners as well. 

Lyrically, the song focuses on the pursuit of complete personal freedom in an ever more hostile world for genuine individuals. Meanwhile, musically Anomalii add a dose of 2000s nu-metal to a rootsy punk style with which longtime fans will be familiar. 

Celelalte Cuvinte – Plecînd încet

Similar artists: Rush, Dream Theater

Genre: Progressive Metal, Djent, Progressive Rock

Sideshow magicians and prog-rock musicians are barred from experiencing the joys of early retirement. Unlike a bank clerk or a professional athlete, they don’t get to simply call it quits and walk off into the sunset. At least, not if they’ve successfully convinced the world of their skill.

Blame it on the type of public that they tend to attract. An audience has been fed wonderful, reality-defying tricks for ages. These people are used to seeing and hearing the impossible become achievable. They’ve seen people get sewn apart and listened as small groups of musicians transformed themselves into full-blown orchestras. 

Celelalte Cuvinte is a prog-rock that has consistently revved up its level of ambition over a career that has spanned decades. Taking a step back is simply unpermitted here. Instead, they tread down familiar territory but carefully add new challenges for themselves. 

Plecînd încet finds the band further exploring the misty prog-metal that’s been their bread and butter throughout much of their existence. The results are convincing, which means that their supporters will just go on expecting the same standard next time around. There goes the retirement plan!

Anomalii - Breaking Away


Celelalte Cuvinte - Plecînd încet




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