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Nighttime secrets: Chair and Maggie The Cat reviewed

Chair and Maggie The Cat reviewed

Maggie The Cat – I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man

Genre: Dream Pop,  Electro Pop, Slowcore

Never tell an audience the truth. I mean, sure, don’t go lying to them outright. They’ll hate you for it. But, they’ll end up hating you more if your career ends up being above the truth and nothing other than it. Watching the geese, eating french toast, and playing soccer may give you joy, but not even Kurt Vonnegut could make that into a riveting read. 

And, if you’re going to lie, do it comfortably with the ease of mind that lets people believe that there’s even more than you’re not letting them know. Nothing turns on the world more than knowing that someone else has a secret that they’ll never be able to know. It can be the recipe to a great bean stew or the confession of murder. 

Maggie The Cat’s I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man is a smooth, dark-room confession delivered with the stone-cold confidence of Lauren Bacall. However, it’s the kind of reveal that feels like it’s leaving a lot to the imagination. Surely this cruel, jilted lover can’t have just done this for the first time. She’s too cool and collected. Who knows what skeletons might be hiding in her basement, and who would take the chance to find out. 

Chair – Love Ad

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Only a couple of decades ago there was the possibility that by making music you could become enormously rich. The people that did, largely, treated their fortune like an inexhaustible supply of money, wasted it in grandiose ways, and, consequently, became folk heroes. They earned the lives that all others craved. 

Little did anyone know that the absence of serious rewards, at least not on par with the ones obtained in the past, would do nothing to dissuade people from making records. What could obsessive collectors of sound and vision do with their time? Where would they wear all their good clothes? How could they talk to other obsessive collectors?

Poland duo Chair sound like the kind of folks that you don’t go measuring your record collection against unless you want to end up embarrassed. Love Ad sounds like the kind of tune that would acquire millions of fans back in the fabled 1980s. It also sounds like the kind of synth-pop number that true music aficionados ought to appreciate today.

Maggie The Cat - I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man


Chair - Love Ad




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