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Don’t chicken out: Chameleon Inc and Charlie Reed review

Chameleon Inc and Charliee Reed review

Charlie Reed – Don’t Drop Me

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Power Pop, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Twin Peaks, Spread Joy, Divino Niño, Uh Bones, The Beatles, The Walters

Charlie Reed drifts his attention to the final days of The Beatles for the single Don’t Drop Me

When it comes to Liverpool’s Fab Four, indeed, there’s something for everyone. Rightly so, no other band has justified the existence of so many other groups. With so much interesting material created in nearly seven years of work, it’s fascinating to see their influence only continue to grow. 

The recent surveillance footage documentary of Get Back has shown this. Nearly half a century later, many people are still greatly invested in the story of The Beatles. So much so that they’d watch a seven-hour movie about their least great album.

By the sounds of it, Charlie Reed will be among the enthusiasts. Don’t Drop Me sounds inspired particularly by that period. The chord progression and melodies recall George Harrison’s emancipation. The rest of the writing quotes John Lennon’s Isolation. It’s a beautiful tribute from Charlie Reed and a reminder of the last power of good music. 

Chameleon Inc – Barely Half Awake

Genre: Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Pixies, Radiohead, Royal Blood, the Strokes, Muse, QOTSA, Pearl Jam or the Dead Weather

Chameleon Inc dig up the weirdos and mavericks of their record collection on the single Barely Half Awake

People still get excited by music. Still, you don’t hear anyone praising the similarity between one new group and a famous band. “They sound just like…!” is not a phrase written by music critics looking to praise a new artist. Not unless they’re great fans of tribute concerts. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with tribute artists. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for dressing up as KISS? Who wouldn’t like to turn their obsession for an artist into a living?

The real serious dents in the history of rock music, however, are made by those determined to subvert expectations. The excitement of doing something wrong is easily translated onto tape. It comes through on Chameleon Inc’s Barely Half Awake. Chameleon Inc make ambitious alternative-rock. It’s the kind of music that can be read off of the page, or played on an accordion. This is music made by people who like to try and change their audience with their songs. 

Charlie Reed - Don't Drop Me


Chameleon Inc - Barely Half Awake




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