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It came wearing tight pants: Cherokee Death Cats and RUHMER review

Cherokee Death Cats and RUHMER review


Someone has to rule the world, right? Where better to start than by spreading your message on stadiums across the world. This is where modern kings are crowned. Stadiums are where the most important events happen. Whether it’s a celebratory feast, a national execution, or a global sports event, it takes the seats of a stadium to be filled in order for the importance of this to be properly recognized. 

Music still fills stadiums. During the past two years, the absence of stadium events has been decried by millions of people. Soon they will return to these modern temples. And, they will know what to expect. For the most part, all music fans know what kinds of sounds have the ability to move a crowd of thousands. 

RUHMER’s COMMA. is constructed after a proper assessment of what constitutes a modern stadium-rock sound. The song is filled with layers of bombast and darkened glamour. It’s bluesy garage rock designed to be hummed. These are grooves created in order to make hands clap in unison. RUHMER are among the groups that would rather rule the world. Somebody has to do it. 

Cherokee Death Cats – Work it out

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills, PJ Harvey

The rock n’ roll arena has always resembled the effort of getting the attention of a hot-dog salesman in a crowded stadium. You need to raise your voice, and perhaps wave your arms about, to make sure that you get anybody’s attention. 

For a lot of people that just want to learn to play their scales, this may sound like a daunting process. For the ones blessed with enough arrogance and humor, this is a line of work like no other. Apart from being born to lead a country, or winning an obscene amount of money on a game of pure chance, there is nothing that awards the same kind of power. 

Cherokee Death Cats come from a place of knowing that those who don’t get themselves noticed have only themselves to blame. Work it out is the garage-rock equivalent to drunken poetry holding an entire restaurant fully attentive. It’s brash, confident, and rock’s in all the wrong places. 



Cherokee Death Cats - Work it out




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