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Extreme pop ways: Child of the Parish and Supersoakerr reviewed

Child of the Parish and Supersoakerr reviewed

Supersoakerr – Head Noise

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Music will never quite be listened to in the same way as it was prior to the internet. If you travel to any country in the world, music fans will be glad to share stories of their struggles to obtain their favourite records, or to simply find new music that they could own. 

And, whereas in the Westernized countries all you needed was cash and a good record store, in most other parts of the world it was different. A few months’ wages might be spent on an original tape or vinyl. The same for a band t-shirt. And, there was nothing in the world better than the fuzzy, self-taped records that music fans shared. 

Imagine you are one of those people and you get a copy of Supersoakerr’s Head Noise. The music comes charging out of the speaker. The enthusiasm is there. The sound is menacing, but also lo-fi as if ten other people got their copy from the original before you. Naturally, you would treasure this record, and you should do the same in its digital form. 

Child of the Parish – Midas touch

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indietronica

The bookwormish 1980s indie-rockers are the proverbial soldiers who won the war after losing every battle. Certainly, in places like the U.K., these kinds of eclectic, sometimes visionary musicians had their fans. However, never were these supporters able to push their favourite bands quite in the mainstream. 

Time has passed and their clever, alternative ways of using electric guitars and pop melodies have been embraced by nearly everyone in the thriving modern indie-pop scene. Big hooks, dramatic vocals, and a touch of childishness govern these recordings. 

Child of the Parish’ Midas touch makes no qualms about hitting the listener with the kind of hooks one might expect from a Swedish indietronica production. But, they’re on the right track, and for once, on the right side of history too. Once the festivals reopen, you’ll see many indie heads celebrating their summer to this soundtrack. 

Supersoakerr - Head Noise


Child of the Parish - Midas touch




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