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Lost in the retro shuffle: CHILLEMI & David Williams’ Trickster Carousel reviewed

CHILLEMI and David Williams Trickster Carousel reviewed

David Williams’ Trickster Carousel – Cradle to the Grave

The beginning of 2021 saw rock artists desperately trying to get in on the action of NFTs, unique digital assets that have been around for years in the world of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. 

Regardless of your opinion on Kings of Leon trying to squeeze one more buck associating their most recent album with the craze of the NFT, nobody can argue with the age-old principle that scarcity breeds value. 

Back in the 1930s and 1940s, the swing was all the rage and showcased the talents of people possessing the immense skill to perform and entertain. The style of music quickly fell out of favor once the guitars came out, only to make a strange and very interesting comeback in the 1990s, as a punkish look back to the future. Playing this kind of music now is equivalent to someone playing a saw. It’s interesting and odd. 

Swing still has its fans and dedicated practitioners. David Williams’ Trickster Carousel is among the best to take this approach. Their music favours the members’ undeniable musical talents and an eagerness to dig into the eerie, quirky subject matter. Cradle to the Grave is a good single and a good entry point if you want to know more about the thriving swing-re-revival scene. 

CHILLEMI – Neon Bride

A brightly lit city that would otherwise be forced to dwell in darkness is bound to do things to people’s minds. There’s no bustling locality that does not change dramatically once the light of the Sun is turned off. Usually, it brings out the worst in people, like an accountant ingesting a huge amount of whiskey on an empty stomach and let loose out on the town.

No place better represents this, perhaps, than Las Vegas, we gather, the inspiration for CHILLEMI’s Neon Bride. Located in the desert and nicknamed Sin City, Vegas holds a particular fascination for folks all over the world, many of whom save up money just to one day have the opportunity to lose the money, their minds, and, perhaps, their souls in this brightly coloured town out in the wilderness.

CHILLEMI seems fascinated with the modern mythology of sin. The singer is also fascinated with the kind of songwriters who have bravely stepped into these realms of darkness, the likes of Nick Cave and Lee Hazlewood. The result is the gloomy storytelling of Neon Bride, a good modern alt-country number. 

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