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Fine bass: CHUNK and Final Body reviewed

CHUNK and Final Body reviewed

Final Body – Sick Quitter

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic / Dark Wave, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Joy Division, Idles, Gang of Four, Corners

There’s no other rock style that is drier than post-punk. As dry as a drum. This is music, usually, made by lead guitarists turning the “tone” knob on all of their pedals to 0, and bass players assuming almost dictatorial duties over the songwriting process. It works in the way that a melancholy-ridden robot might reinterpret punk. It’s the sound of factories drawing their last breath. 

There’s hardly anything wrong with this! In fact, the results speak for themselves. There is a reason why bands like Joy Division continue to be widely accepted and imitated. 

Where the original punk bands wouldn’t have worked without the personality of the band members shining true, the post-punk groups enjoyed the sparse, cursory, efficient manner in which the German kosmische musik groups did things. 

Final Body’s Sick Quitter sounds like music that has been programmed on a synth and then reinterpreted by humans. There’s no step taken outside of the strict limits imposed by this kind of style. And, because of this, the unchanging, bass-heavy sound never loses its air of mystery. It would, of course, not work if the band members were not as rigorous as they are about their playing. Final Body’s sound is militaristic and unfluctuating. Just like fate itself, there’s no way to alter it. 

CHUNK – Back Against the Wall

Genre: Ska, Punk

Similar artists: FIDLAR, Ausmuteants, CIVIC, The Linda Lindas

The world is in need of musical anthems in the same way that a go-getter commuter that has to zap all across town for their job requires an alarm clock. In many cases, it’s not even that music enhances experiences and heightens the perception. In most cases, it’s the songs that builds people’s experiences altogether. 

The fat lady has to sing for anything to be truly done and dusted. Just the same, a sporting celebration is not complete with the right anthem. Neither is a commercial meant to entice people to spend hard. And, of course, no riot is complete without its very own anthem. Just like keeping your hands in your pocket at a dance, instead of swinging them, there’s proper etiquette to rioting, and music is required to maintain it. 

CHUNK (terrible name, I’m sure there’s a back story) have recorded Back Against the Wall as if soundtracking the next student uprising, a protest in front of the palace gate, or your complaint against your landlord. The song is so direct, and poignant that it can easily slide into any of those issues and more. And, just like people will expect you to provide sandwiches and beverages if you expect them to riot for you, you’ll need to give them music. 

Final Body - Sick Quitter


CHUNK - Back Against the Wall




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