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Tell it truthfully: Clementine Was Right and Yes Kid review

Clementine Was Right and Yes Kid review

Yes Kid – If I’m Honest

Genre: Pop Punk, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Yes Kid brings refreshing darkness to the sweet sounds of indie-pop on If I’m Honest.

Few singers are earnest. It’s not what the job requires. In the same way that a charlatan must not get attached to the people that they’re trying to scam, the singer isn’t allowed to reveal true feelings or get overly attached to their audience. 

It’s not only the vulnerability that is involved. It’s also the fact that people like their heroes strongly. For an artist to open up, and still charm an audience, is something truly special. It’s like giving up your address or phone number on live television. Sure. You can do it. But, who’d want to take the risk?

Yes Kid does take the risk in an almost masochistic fashion on the charming single If I’m Honest. It’s a song that feels like the soundtrack to a Gilmore Girls special where the characters are all attending a funeral. Through it all, the song’s allure though is the one to bring some light to the precession. 

Clementine Was Right – Half of My Heart Is a Runaway Train

Genre: Country, Indie Pop

Clementine Was Right create a glam-country hybrid that hits the soft spot with Half of My Heart Is a Runaway Train.

Poets are rarely treated with the importance that they feel that they warrant, or even righteously deserve. It is the curse of the pure-hearted. Commerce and dream chasing do interact sometimes, but the road is a difficult, treacherous one. 

Still, poets are needed. And, so, they are somehow produced by nature for every new generation. Some of the people who are chosen for the task believe that the world should seek them out for their gifts. The greatest though know that they need to capture the attention of the world to capture its heart. 

Clementine Was Right’s Half of My Heart Is a Runaway Train sounds like a prog-oriented song by Smokie. It’s poetry and it’s glamourous pop music. There’s purity to this even if it’s created for mass appeal. Clementine Was Right serve up sticky pop poetry here. 

Yes Kid - If I'm Honest


Clementine Was Right - Half of My Heart Is a Runaway Train




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