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Softly as they go: Coco Reilly and Hellhounds release new singles

Coco Reilly and Hellhounds release new singles

Hellhounds – Wild Horses

I’ll come clean. I was pleasantly surprised by Hellhounds. Their sound is the most gentle, thoughtful psych-rock this side of the London-districts. 

My surprise stems mostly from the fact that the group hails from Finland, one of the world’s most beautiful countries, responsible for some of the planet’s worst rock drumming ever recorded. My theory is that if you were to substitute any drum sound of any Finnish band, be it the Rasmus, Nightwish, or what have you, with each other, the result would be as atrocious and would swing as much as someone throwing a bag full of bricks in the ocean.

Luckily, there’s little drumming going on for Wild Horses, and when it is audible, it’s subtle, just like the rest of the track. In fact, subtlety and good taste are traits that, certainly, Hellhounds possess in spades, but not something their opera-metal compatriots might ever be accused of. 

Wild Horses is a shimmering, hazy, night swim of a song. The vocals blend perfectly, and the song rises slowly before floating into the ether. 

Coco Reilly – Oh Oh My My

Throughout the myths surrounding rock music a lot has been made about the charismatic, troubled male figures who are fated to doom all of those around them. Many admired Iggy Pop, Keith Richard and Johnny Thunders. Most of those that tried to imitate them, or merely hang around them, ended up dead or destitute. 

Sure, those are compelling stories. However, not enough is said about the female musicians that managed to hypnotize those around them, and like a mermaid’s song lead them to their destruction. For example, many were fascinated with Nico’s talent and beauty, but soon got swept into her chaotic world. 

Coco Reilly sounds like that kind of artist. The elegance of her songwriting cannot be denied. Yet, there seems to be some kind of poison behind that elegant perfume. I don’t mean to accuse the singer of any sinister motives. No, I just mean to say that “Oh Oh My My” has plenty going on behind the pretty melodies, pretty singing, and 60s retro-cool. There’s a depth that makes this far more than just another song created by someone that really likes the Beatles. 

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