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Funk and the times: Cole DeGenova and Working Flakes release new singles

Cole DeGenova and Working Flakes release new singles

Cole DeGenova – We Broke

We’re guilty here on Alt77 of talking too little of the life-affirming properties of good, honest, danceable funk. In the case of Cole DeGenova, this kind of music seems to be the fuel that keeps him juggling responsibilities through the toughest of times. 

The hook to “We Broke” is nifty, catchy, and could land on a TV-sitcom at any time. But, it’s the groovy bass lines and the elastic vocals that move this tune. The 70s styled key sounds also add spice to the instrumental parts.  

Vocally, DeGenova shifts from the effeminate lines in the verse to a Stevie Wonder-like tone during the chorus. Such vocal acrobatics should not be taken lightly. And, if you’re still unconvinced of the artist’s chops or his commitment to funk, the Prince-sounding scream that accompanies the break section ought to make you a believer. 

Working Flakes – I Know What You Want

It’s interesting to note how much the disappearance of rock radio has changed the landscape of music. Back in the day that Working Flakes’ biggest influences were going strong, the only way to sell records consistently was to get on the radio. Programmers tended to focus on certain styles, grouping bands and sounds together. It meant that most of the kids trying to peel their ears open would only get exposed to one single genre. 

Working Flakes “I Know What You Want” sounds like a tune made at the time when marrying new wave and funk was almost an act of rebellion. Sure, Bowie or the Talking Heads were smart enough to take inspiration from Chic. This approach brought them some fresh hits but might have also lost them some rock n’ roll fans along the way. 

Working Flakes are bravely treading similar ground. However, in an era where playlists and blogs are the radio, their approach might prove even more beneficial. Musically, the indie rock outfit makes plenty of room for the funky bass and choppy guitar chords to make themselves heard. The singer acts as the toastmaster, coming equipped with frenzied vocals and a desire to make the words stick. 

It sounds like an art-rock outfit deciding they wanted to be a wedding band for a while just for the kicks. 

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