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Confidence at command: Sik Mule and The Wistful Larks reviewed

Sik Mule and The Wistful Larks reviewed

The Wistful Larks – Steve McQueen

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, The Strokes

We’re in the age of doubt where it’s hard to distinguish between truth and lies. Everything could be possible, and that is reason enough to believe that nothing can be done to solve the world’s real problems. It’s hard to be daring these days. And, the few that manage to construct this quality for themselves are treated like veritable superheroes. 

Naturally, the lack of belief easily turns into hesitancy in other areas as well. Few are as exposed to this as artists. After all, the majority of them have gigantic but fragile egos. Their predecessors possessed no roadmap but had confidence that they would end up somewhere interesting. There’s nobody cheering them on now. 

Still, there are a lucky few that are pressing on and eyeing the position of superhero. The Wistful Larks’ Steve McQueen is an indie-rock tune that reveals unashamed confidence. After all, it is named after one of cinema’s greatest figures, a man that would be canceled now before his feet could touch the set of a movie. The Wistful Larks echo the motorbike chase of The Great Escape, the car chase of Bullit, and the man chase from Papillon. It’s all about not standing still in one place for too long. Ol’ Steve wouldn’t. 

Sik Mule – Serpent and the Sword

Genres: Surf Rock, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Swords and various other weapons designed to bring death and destruction have always been hot commodities throughout history. Just ask the boys at Lockheed Martin if they fear a great recession. 

But, it only took the great early surf and rock n’ roll bands to bring their sounds in front of an audience, that sales for guitars usurped that of guns, swords, boomerangs, and what have you. At least, for a while. 

The guitar has proven to have almost as much effect as the sword. There’s no serious protest without one. 

Sik Mule’s Serpent and the Sword captures the innocence and exuberance of early surf-rock and the with and cynicism of our modern age. Guitar riffs hit left and right like a speed-freak playing the local bar’s pinball machine. Guitars can still rival the sword business, I guess. 

The Wistful Larks - Steve McQueen


Sik Mule - Serpent and the Sword




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