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Original feelings: Conflict at Serenity Pools and Yvlz reviewed

Conflict at Serenity Pools and Yvlz reviewed

Yvlz – A Garbage Bag

Genre: Indie Rock, Emo, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Radiohead, Jay Som, Japanese Breakfast, Muse, Land of Talk, Jane’s Addiction, The Strokes

There have been plenty of visionaries working behind the scenes in the music business. They’re the ones who are capable of providing as much creativity and originality as the artists with which they work. 

However, there have also been a large number of people who are only there for the business. And for their paycheck. To them, selling music is no different from selling a television set, a sofa, or a ham sandwich. Their impact on the music world is usually short-lived and unimportant. 

This second category has sought to optimize the business. In the grand scheme of things, this may sound like a sound idea. However, the thing most often downsized first is emotion. Modern pop stars and their songs lack this. Consequently, it’s hard to feel empathy for their struggles. 

Yvlz’s A garbage bag operates on the idea that experiences must be shared. And, when they are shared truthfully, they are covered in honest emotion. This is what the singer’s voice is not afraid to reveal here. It’s also true in the way that the song builds slowly. The focus is on creating a connection. Without this, there’s no point in trying to sell anything to anyone more than once. 

Conflict at Serenity Pools – mellow and shiny

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Pop, Dream Pop

Some people go through incredible highs and lows throughout life. They need music to soundtrack these things. For everyone else, pop music will do. 

Music is used as a kind of medicine for most people. Often, it is tasked with saying the things that they themselves cannot say. It is meant to be used as a soft blanket or as a punch to the chest. It’s used as a tool to intervene. 

For most folks, life hasn’t been easy. And, they often tend to get any easier. The tragedy and glory of all that they are going to live in need to be honored in some way. 

Conflict at Serenity Pools’ mellow and shiny could well just be a bittersweet lo-fi pop tune, or it could be a way to process gigantic feelings of love and hate. Taking a quick listen should easily reveal which of the two is felt more powerfully here. This could well be music that follows and precedes tears. 

Yvlz - A Garbage Bag


Conflict at Serenity Pools - mellow and shiny




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