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Terror art: CONSPIRATORS and DEADLETTER reviewed by Alt77


DEADLETTER – Monday Night Terrors

Genre: Post-Punk

In the semi-real world described by Cameron Crowe in Almost Famous, people in the U.S., and, one would suspect that across the world, are falling over themselves at the sight of British rock stars. They play guitars, they throw in a lot of notes. They wear fancy clothes. And, they have a charming accent to boot. 

The image still lies in the mind of some. However, it’s interesting to note what other worldwide cultural revolutions Britain provided during that era. One of them introduced a new kind of rock star, a Lord Byron-type who despised attention and sang his lyrics over the accompaniment of a booming rhythm section. 

Post-punk heroes don’t take to well-lighted places and nice company. They are the kind of characters that Franz Kafka may have written about. DEADLETTER’s Monday Night Terrors is a rocking journey through a theme park of the sort of things that are guaranteed to keep one up at night. Britain has created many memorable figures, but few as important for modern times as the post-punk stars. 


Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Noise Rock

Who knew that funk could cause so much damage, or that the kids that immediately followed the punks would be so willing to use this sound as a blueprint for their work? Certainly not James Brown, or George Clinton. 

I guess at the heart of it, the folks that still work on making post-punk a threatening fore worth being considered, think of dancing as something primal and a threat worth taking seriously. 

CONSPIRATORS make commando funk music. The Base Level sounds like U.K. urban guerilla fighters letting loose and getting to know each other on a Saturday night. It’s what you might expect a strange and cruel left-wing dictator to play to the nation as they wake up each morning. There’s plenty of ego to this, and, perhaps, that’s one of the reasons why it’s good. Even Napoleon thought of himself as Alexander. 

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