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Creeptones – All We Can Do

Creeptones - All We Can Do review indie rock nu disco prog rock review 2020

Creeptones is the kind of band they make movies about. The said cinematic efforts usually concern industrious and passionate fans of music, making use of all their energy in a bid to achieve their dreams. It’s a niche market granted, but these movies do exist, I assure you.

The name of the band and artwork for the their album Hell + Ice are deceiving. This is not a band of misfits getting perverse pleasure out of shocking audiences. This is a group with an excellent record collection, where each song draws on different sources of inspiration from the previous one.

All we can do, for example, a song about being caught in the thick of it, sponges up ideas from prog-rock and Nu-disco. We can only assume these folks have built quite the music collection!

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