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Cracked open: Crocodiles and THE PSYCHOTIC MONKS


THE PSYCHOTIC MONKS – Gamble and Dangle

Similar artists: These New Puritans, Wire, Liars

Genre: Post-Punk, Math Rock, Indie Rock

Most people take the same route to and from work every day. The majority of their other destinations are also familiar. They tend to speak to the people that they interact with in the same manner every time. They engage in the same activities for the most part. 

The majority of regular people have tiny objectives for their lives. They fear uncertainty and are constantly fighting back against the things that could disrupt the balance that they’ve managed to achieve. 

This is all sane behavior, of course. But it has an effect not only on what they do but also on what they consume. For example, the music that they enjoy traditionally has to act in opposition to all the safe and nurturing characteristics of their regular life. 

Blue-collar workers and strange deviants alike may well find the thrills they seek on THE PSYCHOTIC MONKS’ Gamble and Dangle. It’s music that sounds designed to accompany a torture spectacle held in secrecy in an abandoned building. It’s enough to make your skin crawl, exactly what some folks need from their music. 

Crocodiles – Degeneration

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Rock n’ rollers are like crooks that can’t keep their mouths shut. They’ll brag to anyone that will listen about all the rotten things they’ve done. Even worse, they’ll walk the street and recruit people willing to join, to be the same kind of scoundrels as them. 

Why? Because we, the public, like it this way. All of us are weighed down by rules. Some make sense, some do not, but all of them hold us hostage. The idea of escaping these strict guidelines is pretty pleasing. 

Just like Hollywood blockbusters that come complete with car chases and explosions, fast-paced, bravado-based guitar music will always have a market. There will always be a crowd ready to join around the folks telling tall tales about themselves. 

Crocodiles’ Degeneration position themselves as subterranean-dwelling, sunglass-equipped rock villains with a love of Velvet Underground and nasty thrills. Their single is direct, funny, and wrong in all the wrong ways that it should be. 

THE PSYCHOTIC MONKS - Gamble and Dangle


Crocodiles - Degeneration




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