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‘Fore the lights go dim: Curse of Lono and An Triangles review

Curse of Lono and An Triangles review

An Triangles – Ridicule

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock

Getting hit in the face doesn’t allow you much space to ignore the gesture. According to who you ask, it’s something that hurts like hell, or something that makes you feel alive. Now, I don’t suggest that you should go looking for someone to smack you in the mouth. 

I know plenty of boxers that share stories about what one can only assume are the results of brain damage. Some claim that these hits have irremediably harmed the lives of those on the receiving end. Others swear it taught them to do complex math. 

On Ridicule, An Triangles’ Doug Poppe talks about the desire to end something, to destroy a thing of beauty, to glance at the end. Is this a sour and pessimistic view of the world? Perhaps, the indie-rock tune is just the hit in the head that some people need to receive before they can truly start their lives in earnest. Still, who needs complex math anyway?

Curse of Lono – Ursula Andress

Genre: Americana, Soft Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Curse of Lono attempt to make time stand still with their new single Ursula Andress.

The world moves fast and pop music spins just as quickly. One minute a band is top of the world, the next they’re playing retirement homes and country fairs if they’re lucky. The flavour of the month is the name of the game in the pop game, and there ain’t much reason to get upset about it. 

Once in a while a pop song will come along that seems entirely removed from these kinds of machinations. These are songs that are as slow and confident as the pensioner who used to date a movie star. There’s no convincing them that their time in the limelight might be over. 

Curse of Lono’s Ursula Andress is one such tune. It’s a friendly voice that you hear on your way outside of the bar in the dim hours of the morning. Just like glancing at old pictures of  Ursula Andress, there’s some kind of comfort that everything will turn out OK. And, the hook is sung like words that were always meant to be spoken, just like this, with confidence and care. 

An Triangles - Ridicule


Curse of Lono - Ursula Andress




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