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Daniel Cruz Tlalpam – Soundtrack Music to “Pocamadre”

Daniel Cruz Tlalpam - Soundtrack Music to “Pocamadre”

While the folks controlling the entertainment industry are working out how to pay artists less and incorporate AI technology more, the rubbish they routinely help produce goes to prove one thing – truly creative people will be sought after like prophets in the not-too-distant future. 

This is because almost everything that the entertainment industry pushes money toward is basic, bland, and merely a rehash of previously used, better ideas. There are already too few eccentrics out in the world, and almost none are working in the music industry. 

In light of this, the truly sense-altering experimental recordings of Daniel Cruz Tlalpam are not exactly a breath of fresh air but, without question, a reminder that musicians don’t have to toe a straight line. 

True, the track collection is made to accompany an experimental movie. Yes, they’re not structure-like songs. They’re not meant to sound pleasant. But, in that respect, it very much mirrors reality. 

Call it a palette cleanser after a day of having been bombarded with mindless pop music. “Tres guitarritas” sounds like a tape of mariachi music getting stuck in the machine and mangled to pieces. 

Other pieces like “Brachiosauridae und guise” make it sound like trip-hop being channelled through your electric sockets for no reason, while “Eureka comm.” could be an old computer trying and failing to boot up an mp3 file. 

Just like life or dreams, it all sounds a bit confusing. But embrace it! When was the last time you heard something you were wholly unsure about? Having to strain your mind to decide whether you love or hate a piece of music without assistance from music promotion, or critics for that matter, keeps your own imagination loose. 

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