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Dante Mazzetti Interview

Dante Mazzetti interview

Late last year we had the opportunity to speak remotely to Dante Mazzetti. The singer-songwriter joined us from his New York apartment and shared stories of his songwriting process, the way NYC has changed during his lifetime, and old war stories of touring and promoting his music.

Mr. Mazzetti is the man responsible for one of the greatest songs we had the please to review on Alt77 last year, the down and out, Tom Waits-styled, Hey Now.

In this interview, the songwriter also discusses his shift in artistic direction over the course of his career, moving from 60s inspired indie-rock to the weighty, instrumentally complex folk-rock of his most recent releases.

Mr. Mazzetti also talks about how the recent pandemic has affected his artistic activity. He details his approach to building brand new connections with fans through the use of social media and remote concert activities.

Finally, Dante Mazzetti talks about his love of Waits and Bob Dylan and humors this reporter in telling him which one of his songs could accompany Dylan’s new brand of whiskey.

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