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Psychedelic needs: Dash Hammerstein and Rubber LeBaron reviewed by Alt77

Dash Hammerstein and Rubber LeBaron reviewed by Alt77

Rubber LeBaron – Bug Bite

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Faraquet, Atoms For Peace, Deerhoof, The Mars Volta

Some people argue that many bands that feature the alternative music umbrella are simply disguising their incompetence underneath layers of weirdness. That may well, for some groups, but, even if that were true, so what? 

It’s not always that people who possess great technique in the creative field are able to actually produce great works. Furthermore, unlike a wonderful Motown song, life is deeply unstructured and hard to predict. For most people life swings by them at zooming speed, knocking them on their butts, before giving them enough time to get up, so that it can do it again. 

This is what Rubber LeBaron’s Bug Bite sounds like to me. Sure, in the case of this U.S. group there can’t be any question of lack of playing abilities. No, instead the group digs into the post-punk meets prog grooves of bands like Gang of Four, or the Mars Volta to create an auditorial experience similar to taking peyote out in the jungle or trying to board the train on a busy Monday morning. Both are deeply psychedelic, mind-altering episodes that Rubber LeBaron could easily soundtrack. 

Dash Hammerstein – Leave it to Jeeves

Genre: Americana, Surf Rock

Similar artists: 

The majority of advertisements attempt to use some form of humour to sell their product. Not everywhere. I suppose that humour isn’t exactly a vital component of communication in Germany. But, still. Being funny and trying to act clever sells products and TV personalities. 

However, there’s a real shortage of truly inspired funny commercials. By the same token, great comedic novels or short stories are the most scarce type of literature. There’s Catch-22, The Twelve Chairs, My Man Jeeves, and that’s about it. 

The same can be said about music. People really aren’t as charming as they think. Not Dash Hammerstein who breezes through Leave it to Jeeves like a true belle at her first public gathering, or Eddie Murphy slaying the crowd before being old enough to drive.

We don’t usually talk about vibes or any of that hippie nonsense around here, but Mr Hammerstein has taken in some mighty good ones and has found a way to channel them here.  

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