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Dave Grohl Might Be Working on His Autobiography

dave grohl

Dave Grohl is promoting the Foo Fighters’ new single, Shame, Shame, and talked, among other things, about his plans to write and release his autobiography.

It was a strangely quiet year for the seemingly perpetually-busy Foo Fighters. With the year about to end, the group is set to release a brand new studio album titled Medicine at midnight. Naturally, the rock band is also planning a tour to coincide with the record.

Meanwhile, however, Dave Grohl talked to Q104.3 New York about the ways in which the band members dealt with the pandemic crisis. The musician says that they’ve kept busy. Grohl, especially, says that he has found the time to write 80.000 words of what, we can assume, is going to be his autobiography.

It gives a lot of insight as to what it is to be a guy in a rock band that just happens to play stadiums at night, and then drive their kids to school in a minivan in the morning.

Dave Grohl also says that the album is, in fact, two years in the making. The writing itself took place while the Foo Fighters were touring. Even most of the recording and arranging before the Covid-19 pandemic. The group initially decided to shelve the project. However, Grohl says that he believes the band’s music can comfort many people in times of trouble. He says that this is the main reason why he decided to release Medicine at midnight at this time.

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