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The smartest kids in indie: Dave Keuning and SN0WCRASH reviewed

Dave Keuning and SN0WCRASH

SN0WCRASH – Furniture

The thing about classic rock stars is that as much as you’d like to hear and watch all day long, you’re unlikely to ever want to invite them to dinner. Eccentricity, anger, and a general disregard for one’s personal safety have done a great deal for our record collection. That might sound cruel, but to paraphrase Lou Reed, people die for all sorts of stupid reasons. They might as well die for something pretty like music. 

It’s hard to imagine Reed, any of the members of the Ramones, or Jeffrey Lee Pierce serving you a burger or interviewing for a new position in the company they’ve co-founded. That must have been hell on themselves or those who knew them. However, I’d like to think that great records are made by people with an itch that just refuses to be scratched and who manage to express this discomfort. 

SN0WCRASH’s Furniture sounds like that kind of record, the work of someone that got easily admitted into the best college and who’s spending his time considering inventive ways of getting expelled. Sharp as a tack and looking for a bit of dancing and some trouble, the man behind SN0WCRASH could turn out to be a poet, a lawyer, or a madman. Either road they take, I hope it gets documented. 

Dave Keuning (The Killers) – Time & Fury

You learn a thing or two about what music fans want when your job for many years has been to play to stadiums across the world. Like an athlete that’s already had the opportunity to win numerous trophies, being a legitimate mainstream star helps with knowledge that few others will ever get to acquire. 

This can prove especially helpful when you’re counting on this awareness to help you through the process of writing your sophomore album. Most semi-new bands will not be able to rely on this kind of experience as they timidly attempt to guess their next step forward. 

Dave Keuning of The Killers has a great knack for picking great elements of retro-rock and reinterpreting it for modern audiences. Time & Fury sounds like Bruce Springsteen making an 80s dance-pop record. It’s ambitious, pleasant and ready for radio waves across the world. 

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