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A light case of immortality: David Josephson and TWÏNS review

David Josephson and TWÏNS review

TWÏNS – Peace

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Maston, Amen Dunes, Surprise Chef, John Moods, Paint, CV Vision, Aldous RH, World Brain, L’Eclair

TWÏNS shows that tender psychedelia and slacker culture go hand in hand with the single Peace.

Some musicians seem to be entirely turned off by the prospect of success and the hassle of it. Some simply believe that they should make music as naturally as taking a stroll around the block. Should the world reward them for that? Of course, they should. 

Take George Harrison, for example. What did ol’ George like? Women, meditation, money, and writing tunes. In that order. He liked world peace as well. He was responsible for the first large-scale charity gig. But, was that something he would do every year? Could he be bothered to write a new album each year? Certainly not. 

TWÏNS’ Peace is a beautiful style of old-fashion psychedelia. It’s music about letting go, not about ambition. This may seem like an odd thing in the fast-paced world in which we’re living, but it’s an honest gesture. Many artists, like Germany’s TWÏNS, just what their world to move slow, for them to move around it, and for their songs to come as naturally as the summer rain. 

David Josephson – Jord & sten

Genre: Folktronica, Gothic / Dark Wave, Indietronica

David Josephson plays around the pros and cons of immortality on Jord & sten.

Some music is made to sound like waiting at a bus stop in Sweden. You don’t know if it’s going to last forever. It sure could! As you wait, you get the chance to explore places in your mind that you rarely interact with, and that you’d be unconscious of if living in Tenerife. 

It’s different than meditation music of an Eastern variety, mind you. The Beatles were promised by the Maharishi that they could find eternal light if they just set their minds to the right frequency. There’s no promise of eternal light in Scandinavia. Nobody would dare be bold to make such claims. 

David Josephson sounds like a slow, deep, meaningful meditation on life. The chilly folk chords of Jord & sten quickly draw the listener in and refuse to let them back out. Is this what the soul will be doing when it has acquired immortality? It would only seem fitting. 

TWÏNS - Peace


David Josephson - Jord & sten




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