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David Silveria shares opinion about Korn’s recent music


David Silveria, drummer for nu-metal band Korn between 1993 and 2006 talked about the band’s recent output. The drummer admits he has not had any interest in hearing any of the band’s new music since his departure.

Silveria was Korn’s drummer in what many many consider to be the band’s golden era. He recorded with the band on succesful albums such as Follow the leader, Issues or Untouchables.

The drummer was last in the studio with the group on the 2006 album See you on the other side. That year Korn announced that Silveria had gone on hiatus. It was later revealed the that musician would not be returning to the group. Silveria contested the decision in court. Since then, the group has appointed Ray Luzier as their permanent drummer.

Silveria appeared on a podcast with Ray Gutierrez. He says that he has not listened to an entire song by the band since departing the fold in 2006. He also says that his decision not to listen to new material by the band is not derived from any sort of grudge, but rather lack of interest in their newer direction.

David Silveria played with a number of bands since 2006, such as experimental metal act Infinika. Although, on several occasions, he declared he openness to reunite with Korn, the offer has not reciprocated so far. Meanwhile, Korn have released six more studio albums in a different line-up.

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