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Detroit – Birminghan axis: Dead King’s Peace and Till Morninglight review

Dead King's Peace and Till Morninglight review

Till Morninglight – Hurricane

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock

Similar artists: The Black Keys, Ty Segall, The Stooges, Oh Sees

Belgium’s Till Morninglight entertains rock at their most primal on the single Hurricane

How often do you hear Yes or Frank Zappa’s music used in the soundtrack? Unless it’s a movie like Buffalo ’66 that uses prog-rock almost as a novelty feature, then not very often. At least, not unless you’re watching a documentary about Yes or Frank Zappa. 

How often do you hear The Stooges, or bands that sound like Iggy’s Detroit sonic terrorists? Very often! Many of the important bands of the past few decades have sounded their appreciation for The Stooges after all. 

This is because music that is muscular first, and intelligent second, travels farther. It lends itself to the idea of movement, of progress. It’s music like the one made by Till Morninglight on the single Hurricane. It’s rock that never risks overtraining. People all over the world make art because they need to, not because they’ve earned a degree that gives them the right. Others like them respond accordingly. 

Dead King’s Peace – Bled You Dry

Genre: Hard Rock, Grunge

Similar artists: Alice In Chains, Doundgarden, Crowbar, Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Motorhead, White Zombie

Dead King’s Peace offer up a muscular grunge extravaganza on the single Bled You Dry.

Great modern music is, usually, a combination of familiarity and innovation. The best songs sound as if you’ve heard something like them before, but not quite with this twist. It’s what allowed some of the classic rock groups to develop incredible discographies. 

Out of all of the classic rock groups, few were as influential as Black Sabbath. Trends come and go, but you can bet your bottom dollar new bands will spring every year to offer a new interpretation of Birmingham’s doomy vision. 

Dead King’s Peace are translators of the sonic gloom for a new generation. Bled You Dry visits Birmingham by way of Seattle. On their journey, Dead King’s Peace make great use of towering, spooky vocals reminiscent of Alice In Chains’ Layne Staley, or Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. This is unapologetic, bombastic hard-rock. 

Till Morninglight - Hurricane


Dead King's Peace - Bled You Dry




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