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No retreat, no surrender: Dear Misses and Volk reviewed

Dear Misses and Volk reviewed

VOLK – Welcome to Cashville

It almost feels like all the ideas that make it through on VOLK’s Welcome to Cashville have been pre-approved by the Commission to Save Rock n’ Roll. And, if worth saving, then rock should remain quirky, loud, humorous. These are characteristics found in abundance on Welcome to Cashville by the charismatic garage-rockers known as VOLK. 

The duo’s latest single functions as a Day in the life of.. mini-doc that relates a story involving crooked managers, uninterested crowds, and the band’s unwillingness to back down from their rockin’ mission.  

Yes, it’s beer-swigging music, but mighty clever too. There is so much character and confidence to this group that it’s hard to imagine any listeners able to resist their charm. Watching them play live would make Angus Young feel tired. Rarely do we get to hear something this pure!

Dear Misses – Mr. Bombastic

Eventually, we’ll just run out of names for things and just get forced to add numbers. Bands will have to register to get a randomly generated title. Rock music, however, is unlikely to ever get fully used up. For one thing, it’s a format that is too simple and one that is born, essentially, out of enthusiasm.

It’s this kind of excitement that Dear Misses are channelling on their garage-stomp titled Mr Bombastic. The rhythm section may be steadily driving the tune along, but it’s the unorthodox melodies played on a guitar that at times sounds like a violinist practising scales, that helps it stand out. 

The band is from Switzerland. And, sure enough, they remind me of other Euro-rock groups to have successfully perverted the blues into something all the more interesting. It brings to mind Dutch groups like Golden Earring and the zany Focus. Mr Bombastic is a four-minute blues-rocking drive-song that ends up sounding like a 90-minute symphonic epic. 

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