Dino DiMuro – Speeder On The Rails (Review)

Dino DiMuro - Speeder On The Rails

In a world where bands enjoy listing influences as diverse as the Rolling Stones meets Afghan wedding music, it’s enjoyable to hear a man as clear on his artistic upbringing as Dino DiMuro.

Plainly, and a little boorishly said, Mr. DiMuro likes music weirdos.

He cites as influences They Might Be Giants, Frank Zappa, Pere Ubu, and, chief of all, Captain Beefheart, that architect of musical abnormalities that have been dividing art critics’ c opinions for decades. Very well!

“Speeder On The Rails” is inspired by the work of mr. Van Vliet. It begins equally menacing and cartoonish with the sound of a theremin. It continues, in a way befitting of the mentorship DiMuro received, with a sound equally tight and slackened, the soundtrack of a headache on a hot summer day. 

There’s, without a doubt, an order to the madness. It’s the work of someone that’s spent a lot of time with these musical ideas speeding around their brain. For that, it’s worthy of attention. 

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