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Dion Lunadon and Al’Tarba & Senbeï Reviewed

Dion Lunadon and Al'Tarba & Senbeï Reviewed

Dion Lunadon – I Walk Away

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Genre: Punk, Garage Rock

The world can be a dangerous and harsh place. But, of course, if you’ve been fortunate to have been kept away from those things, you’ll desire to keep it up. The belligerency of the world will merely remain a far-removed suggestion. Sometimes, however, it is good to confront ourselves with these realities. Music, like the one made by Dion Lunadon, is a good glance from afar. 

After all, whoever said that rock n’ roll should merely be used to offer a background while hosting cute dinner parties or provide the soundtrack to cheerful trips on the motorway? From its inception, rock n’ roll was designed as a way to upset certain people and make others deliriously happy. One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

And, indeed, Dion Lunadon present themselves as sonic terrorists/freedom fighters for the singer “I Walk Away,” a combative slice of noisy punk rock. It’s a song that doesn’t so much try to charm you into liking it as it takes you by the throat and demands attention. Even as a form of entertainment, it’s a scary thing to consider, but that’s precisely why it may do you some good. 

Al’Tarba & Senbeï – Back Again

Genre: Skate Punk, Punk

Any genre of music, even the ones that seem to annoyingly pour out of every stereo that you walk past, is living on bored time. Each one of them is bound to disappear, and the majority of them, no matter how much they were beloved, will barely be remembered. That’s why they need protectors. Working to preserve 90s hip-hop and classic hardcore punk are French unit Al’Tarba & Senbeï.

But is it relevant? Would we care about people trying to revive Musical Hall or Skiffle? Maybe. But the fact is that both 90s hip-hop and hardcore punk carry with them still an incredible amount of force. These are genres whose inventiveness and originality still ring true today, something from which artists can still take inspiration. 

Al’Tarba & Senbeï’s “Back Again” digs into what would’ve been considered extreme pop sounds back in the 1990s as if they’re on a rescue mission. This is music performed with grit. And decades after these styles reached their creative and commercial zenith, they still retain the qualities that has us and Al’Tarba & Senbeï’ imagining that this can still be the music of the disaffected. 

Dion Lunadon - I Walk Away


Al'Tarba & Senbeï - Back Again




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