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Divey and BIRD AKA JANIE PRICE Reviewed

Divey – I’m In Love

Similar artists: Beck, The Velvet Underground

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Garage Rock

Artists just want to be loved. They want to be loved with a strong conviction and by a great number of people. When they don’t receive that, they must feel like they’ve failed. And, if you look at some of the better-known avant-garde artists of the 20th Century, you’ll notice a desire to be appreciated and, despite their work, to be viewed as commercial artists. 

Divey sounds like someone in Andy Warhol’s crew trying to out-Velvet Underground Lou Reed. After all, despite the famous detail about the Velvets not selling any records, they are the most commercially accessible example of all of the art that came out of that scene. Were it not for them, today’s magazines wouldn’t be able to continue calling The Strokes’ debut the best album of the past few decades. 

Divey’s “I’m In Love” is a much more interesting and convincing Velvet Underground-like sound than the astounding number of copy cat bands that we’ve received over the years. There’s a sense of clever restraint and a clear goal, too. This is confident street-rock meant to be chanted through the large, busy streets of New York City. And it’s a track that fans of Lou Reed won’t help but appreciate. 


Similar artists: The Civil Wars, Yann Tiersen, Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba

Genre: Indie Folk, Alt Pop

Music soundtracks developed into their own particular genre and record store niche starting with the 1960s. Since then, many pop and rock musicians have found inspiration in these pieces. But apart from those commissioned to soundtrack a movie, few attempted their own, fearful of the sheer scale of such an endeavor. 

Bird shows that the scope of these compositions can, in fact, be reproduced while still retaining a minimalist, intimate approach. You can thank this on the development of technology. Typically, this type of music requires an orchestra and the budget to employ one. Crafty musicians can now put together these sounds with the addition of very little extra gear or additional musicians. 

Bird’s “The Tides” brings to mind the engulfing, soundtrack-inspired sounds of 1990s Bristol sounds. It’s music to get lost in. These are tunes that suggest exotic, mysterious stories from their very first chords. And overall, “The Tides” is a triumph of individual musical pursuits, a kind of pocket orchestra. 

Divey - I'm In Love






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