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Method acting: Divorce and DYLYN reviewed

Divorce and DYLYN reviewed

DYLYN – What A Ride

Genre: Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Alt Pop

Similar artists: Paramore, K. Flay, Blondie

Mainly, pop music is concerned with people who live in the moment. And, for the most part, these people are having a wonderful time. Some of the time-honored rock n’ roll cliches involve people driving too fast, having dangerous sex, drinking, and smoking cigarettes. Underneath a barrage of powerful grooves and lustful melodies, pop music means to hypnotize you into forgetting that anything exists besides this particular moment. 

But, of course, it’s wrong! Rock star biographies ought to be made compulsory reading material in elementary schools. It’s not just because the stories are often entertaining. Most of these stories about most of your favorite rock stars are really just cautionary tales. The stories about living fast and dying young are stupid and irresponsible. But the ones about looking back on life with a sense of achievement are usually sung by uninteresting people. 

DYLYN’s What a ride is a song that summons the past in order to appease the future. It’s a tuneful, delightful, and wholly bittersweet affair written by someone that seems to be carefully living out details in order not to serve as a bad example. This is pop music crying your way through breakfast yet cherishing every sandwich. At the end of the day, few songs are as honest as this is. 

Divorce – Checking Out

Genre: Indie Rock

Rock music has a great allure for great losers and terrific overachievers, but it is usually a game won by mediocrity. Tall poppies may have their time in the sun eventually, but these individuals who inspire great love and admiration from their community of fans rarely manage to produce the singalong choruses and the easily digested quotes that get a band to headline their own stadium tours. 

Still, the losers and the overachievers keep coming to the rock audiences like fateful before a holy place. It may seem. But where are they going to go, really? Is running away with the circle still an option? Should they become college professors or liquor store robbers instead? The sad truth is that the greatest records ever made were only made by these kinds of people. A sacrifice is needed. 

Divorce’s Checking out is wholly outstanding, like watching a child solve a highly complex math problem or not be able to learn the alphabet. Either way, it’s natural to feel some concern. The music, just like the video, reveals a lot about Divorce’s writing methods. Here are musicians turned actors in their own made-up world. Checking out is humorous and disturbing, filled with great observations and nervous jokes. It’s not the work of an ordinary band. 

DYLYN - What A Ride


Divorce - Checking Out




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