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Behind the shouts: DOGDAD and Pearly review

DOGDAD and Silver Behind the Mirror review

Pearly – Silver Behind The Mirror

Genre: Stoner Rock, Shoegaze, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Ringo Deathstarr, sleigh bells, sonic youth

Nobody’s afraid of anything until you sneak behind them and go “Boo!”. Modern music works in much the same way. It’s hard to shock an audience anymore. Especially one comprised of kids. This doesn’t mean however that someone can’t just sneak behind them and pummel their sense with ominous-sounding, old-fashion metal music. 

Watch out for strange people wielding guitars. Many of them are maniacs. The majority of them can’t be concerned with their personal safety. They won’t show any concern for the well-being of their audiences either. Turns out though that in a pop-obsessed world, this might be just what many listeners are hoping to receive. 

Pearly unsubtly terrifying on their self-titled opus. They seem to create the soundtrack for a movie about a giant mechanical beast slowly trampling everything in its wake. It’s a sound that is ominous and inevitable. It’s black metal with a tune attached to it. Silver Behind the Mirror might not be threatening to burn old churches down. No, Pearly are much scarier. 

DOGDAD – Plastic Hearts

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Similar artists: IDLES, Talking Heads, The 1975, Home Is Where, black midi, shame

Artists scream for attention not just because they desperately need it. They’re screaming because they’re convinced that the world needs it at least as much as them. They’re shouting because they want the world and want it now. 

They will not, and should not, stop at anything from reaching their goals. This pursuit can be entirely amoral. And, it shouldn’t be forgiven. But, then again, people are ready to cross over dead bodies for much sillier causes. Why not do it for art?

DOGDAD’s attempt at capturing the world’s attention on the debut Plastic Hearts is well-rehearsed and studied. Great thing too! It runs a much smaller risk of fading into obscurity. This is militant-sounding pop music, Matthew Healy forming a punk band. DOGDAD is looking to go places whether you care about this or not. 

Silver Behind the Mirror - Silver Behind The Mirror


DOGDAD - Plastic Hearts




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