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Home for the holidays: Dominic Caudill and Stephen Chopek | Alternative music reviews

Dominic Caudill and Stephen Chopek

Stephen Chopek – Don’t Go, Stay Home

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Eventually, if we really love music, we begin to accept all styles. We become willing to learn tricks from all genres. And we see the possibilities that each music flavor carries around with it. 

It doesn’t start out this way for most of us. Our love is, initially, exclusive. We dedicate our souls to one style. We defend it. Of course, we wear its colors. And most of us tend to define our adolescent years by this intense love. 

It takes a while to become forgiving and accepting. A lot of listening time to music that requires affection too is needed before we can change. But once we do, if we are still passionate, we can find even more beauty. 

Stephen Chopek’s Don’t Go, Stay Home is a sensitive, lovely indie-pop song borrowed from numerous genres and eras. The synth licks are its biggest selling point, while the singing is as inviting as a host welcoming guests to a Christmas party. Sometimes it’s join than to avoid.

Dominic Caudill – Reason 2

Similar artists: Car Seat Headrest, Ben Folds

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Nobody is singing the blues for people who work desk jobs. Nobody worries about those that have worked to climb the corporate ladder. There are, however, plenty of reasons to worry about the state they’ll be in come Christmas. 

Success in modern society is difficult to quantify, but it usually involves getting a bit of bread to spread around. The price paid for the cash, however, rarely turns out to be an even deal. Look at the faces of the affluent 9-to-5ers getting into their hybrid cars and tell me that’s the face of success.

Worst of all, there’s nobody they can complain to besides their expensive therapists. Try telling someone you have no money, and they’ll weep for you. Try telling someone you have no identity, and they’ll stare blankly. 

Dominic Caudill’s Reason 2 is desperate, lo-fi, corporate rock. It’s music for people that know exactly what they’ll be doing these holidays and know that it won’t make them happy. Like them, this alt-rock tune is polite, low-key, and filled with dread. At least somebody is telling these stories. 

Stephen Chopek - Don't Go, Stay Home


Dominic Caudill - Reason 2




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