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Don’t Believe In Ghosts and Dave Burn

Don't Believe In Ghosts and Dave Burn

Don’t Believe In Ghosts – Bad Ideas

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Why doesn’t the world share your ideas and what to do about it? The first part of that question is one that a vast portion of the world’s population considers on a daily basis. The latter part involves the kind of strategising that few have the desire to consider. Most of us, this writer included, might just as well sulk in the despair that the world will always be a strange and unfriendly place. 

Don’t Believe In Ghosts don’t believe in merely playing the hand that they’ve been dealt and use pop music as a vehicle to get just the combination that they’re after. After all, pop music is nothing if not a megaphone for sharing ideas. Yes, the most facile of these are always the ones that are easier to share and the ones that consequently lead to greater financial rewards. 

Don’t Believe In Ghosts’ “Bad Ideas” is an attempt to sneak into the world of pop music and, once accepted, to at least move some of the furniture around. Featuring familiar modern rock instrumentation and blending it with sweet, sometimes rather limp-wristed ideas, Don’t Believe In Ghosts have created a song for the dancefloor, featuring guitars and discussing weighty topics. Maybe this is what the world will actually listen to. 

Dave Burn – World In My Way

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Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Lo-fi Rock, Alternative Rock

Everyone knows that it’s the English who perfected pop music and that they’ve landed on a peak that nobody has ever been able to reach since. This is a source of immense pride for the English, of course, with the trains not arriving on time, the economy tanking, and even European cousins opting to lose their number. 

But what do these mythical English songs tend to be about? What do they generally sound like? Well, through arduous study, I’ve managed to crack the formula. English pop-rock songs are stories about making tea during a rainstorm. They include the pretties of vocal melodies, however. It may sound easy to do, but as previously mentioned, nobody has yet been able to improve upon them.    

Dave Burn’s “World In My Way” features the kind of gorgeous melodies that might make you want to save money on a ring and marry the song as soon as it turns of legal age. Melodically, this is a great tune. And lyrically, it fits right in with the English tradition of songs about overcoming hardships such… the horrible weather. Above all, it’s a song that requires very little time to decide if you like it. 

Don't Believe In Ghosts - Bad Ideas


Dave Burn - World In My Way




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